About Us

When I was 14 yrs. old, I started working for a regional retail chain. After many years, I realized opportunities to develop a safety product for feet when operating manual pallet jacks. Once my idea was fully conceived, I pursued a patent and the FootGuardian® foot guard was born. I am a small business owner based out of Charleston, South Carolina and proud to have developed the FootGuardian® foot guard. I am blessed to have a great business relationship with South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation and, together, we are making my business grow.

Why the FootGuardian® foot guard?

  • Protection with a 3/8 of an Inch of Steel between You and the Wheel
  • Guard Has a Self-Adjusting Mechanism
  • Conforms to the Irregularities and Pitches of Truck Ramps
  • Allows mostly Full Range of Motion for Steering
  • Reusable and Transferrable Between Jacks, Meaning It's a One-Time Cost
  • Prevents Unnecessary Lost Time and Lost Production
  • Offers mostly Continuous Protection at most Angles, Declines, and Inclines
  • Helps divert debris from the pallet truck's path

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the invention completely remove the risk of a foot injury?

A: No. It reduces the risk of the pallet jack running over the foot.

Q: Are there any similar products on the market?

A: No. It is proprietary, and it is the first and only foot guard for manual pallet jacks.

Q: Does this feature offer any advantages beyond safety?

A: Safety is its primary purpose; however, it also assists in diverting debris away from its path of operation. In addition to the confidence and peace of mind that the product gives the pallet jack operator while working, the product offers significant benefits to companies. The impact of an employee injury extends beyond the immediate cost of the accident and includes factors, such as lost time and lost production. By preventing injuries, the FootGuardian® foot guard prevents these subsequent losses.

Q: Will this product work with any model of pallet jack?

A: Yes. We would like to say it’s universal. However, it will fit most manual pallet jacks in the field.

Q: How do injuries caused by manual pallet jacks differ from those injuries caused by powered pallet jacks?

A: The injuries caused by manual pallet jacks are like those caused by a powered one. The foot does not know the difference once a thousand pounds are on it. However, most powered pallet jacks tend to have guards, whereas our product is the first solution for manual pallet jacks. The objective is to protect the employee’s foot in a similar manner as in powered units.

Q: Is it easy to install on any model pallet jack?

A: The product is unique because it is the first and only foot guard for manual pallet jacks. The FootGuardian® foot guard can be installed in less than four minutes. Mounting a specially designed collar clamp to the steering mechanism provides improved protection at most angles (flat, slight inclines, and slight declines) and under most load conditions operates on inclines and declines. The FootGuardian® foot guard allows mostly a full range of motion for steering. It is also reusable. When the pallet jack is replaced, simply detach the guard and place it on the new jack.

Warning: The FootGuardian® device does not prevent all injuries involving pallet jacks and may make some injuries worse. Operators of pallet jacks equipped with the FootGuardian® device are instructed to wear appropriate protective gear, including steel-toed and steel-shanked boots, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, eye protection, hearing protection, and helmets or hard hats. Injury or death may still occur with use of protective gear. Each operator of a pallet jack with a FootGuardian® device installed must remain alert, attentive, sober, and not under the influence of drugs, medicine, or other substances when operating such pallet jacks.

Contact us if you have questions about the installation of our product. We proudly offer our patented product for clients throughout Summerville, SC, and the United States.